Brian Roes

Brian Roes is an entrepreneur, educator, marketing strategist and business coach who lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife Deanne and three children. Brian holds a master’s degree in education and technology. He taught elementary music in charter, public & private schools in the US for 15 years before leaving the classroom and “leveling up” to be a full-time business owner and entrepreneur. Brian & his wife Deanne are not only top leaders within their company, but also are the creators of the Family Life Transformation movement. Brian’s vision is to empower entrepreneurs to identify, embrace, and express their own unique values and vision. He does this through offering educational online courses, one-on-one mentoring & design services.

Establishing Credibility on your website

Establishing Credibility on Your Website

In today’s competitive market, carving out a distinct space for your small business hinges on the credibility you exhibit. Your website serves as more than just a digital storefront—it’s a platform to demonstrate your authority, understanding, and compassion towards your target audience. Let’s explore how you can tactfully showcase these elements, setting a strong foundation […]

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The Unseen Power of Brand Archetypes: A Foundation for Business Success

Our business has used strategic branding to be come a “go-to” place for young couples to get engaged. Here’s how we did it. “Stay true to your brand archetype, and your customers will stay true to you.” In the competitive landscape of today’s market, business owners are incessantly confronted with decisions that define their brand.

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