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About Us

Brian Roes: A Fusion of Experience, Passion, and Dedication

Born and raised in a tranquil farming community in upstate New York, Brian’s connection with the intricacies of communication took root early in life. The arrival of the family’s first computer unlocked a world of possibilities for Brian, turning his curiosity into a drive to help local businesses articulate their value through clear messaging and advertisements.

His commitment to knowledge saw him achieve a master’s degree in technology and education from Walden University. The initial leg of Brian’s multifaceted career journey was set in the world of music, where he took on the role of a teacher. However, the realms of brand strategy, website design, and educational technology beckoned, leading him to establish an influential presence across varied industries.

As the founder of MasterBrand Studio, Brian combines the precision of strategic brand thinking with the warmth of personalized communication, guiding businesses towards growth and enhanced brand visibility. He has spearheaded global branding campaigns for giants like “The Healthy Living Revolution” and “Shred10®,” influenced by the multi-billion dollar Juice Plus+ Company. His prowess has also uplifted local gyms, non-profits, franchises, and an array of budding entrepreneurs.

Brian’s portfolio boasts designing websites that captivate and convert. His association with the Juice Plus+ Company saw the birth of a bilingual recruitment and training website that has attracted over 343,000 visitors since 2018. His innovative strategies, such as introducing an opt-in SMS mechanism and optimizing websites for lead generation, have augmented customer interaction and engagement manifold.

Moreover, holding a Masters Degree in Educational Technology has armed Brian with the finesse to turn complex ideas into engaging, digestible lessons. His contribution to online education is monumental, with the design of 25 online courses and a plethora of digital resources that have enriched the learning experiences of over 21,000 participants.

Beyond his professional engagements, Brian Roes is an individual with depth. He finds solace in the world of mysteries, enjoys the art of writing, and frequently volunteers at local community organizations. He believes in the power of constant learning and is always in the pursuit of knowledge, making him a beacon of inspiration for many.